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Dogs For Sale


While our company breeds dogs with SCR in order to be adopted from Hause of Istanbul center, dogs can also be brought from anywhere in Turkey or abroad by experts. Those who want to adopt a dog are welcome to talk to us to decide which dog to adopt and which dog can be suitable for their purpose and decision. After deciding what is best for the customer, our company is able to deliver the dog that the one wants as soon as possible.

Puppies are brought to our center in order to get their vaccines and parasite treatments done. After completing their socialization training, dogs are delivered to their owners. Before delivering the puppy to its owner, company makes sure that the owner knows about the character of the dog adopted and how to raise it.

The companies and people delivering dogs are experts and they also proved themselves about dog training. It has been carefully analyzed how the dogs behave while raised and trained for years, in order to prevent difficulties and problems they may cause later. Our company, by predicting those future problems, brings only the best dogs to the center to be adopted.

Dogs are loved by their owners due to their characters, behaviors and gestures more or less. It is also possible to find a dog from a shelter or street.

If you do not search for a dog which is a special breed, then streets and shelters are waiting for you to go and visit.

It is recommended that you should adopt dogs that you like most and not the ones you feel sorry for. If you do not want to face future problems, you should choose your dog with the help of an expert about dogs.

If you want to adopt a special breed of dog, you should make a detailed research about it.

It does not matter which breed of dog you want to adopt.

It also can increase your chances about adopting a dog if you can work with an expert who works with a federation that is a member of FCI. It is very important for you to communicate with those who breed registered dogs professionally within quality.

The dog breeder is the responsible for dogs while they are raised and trained until they find a proper home. All the breeders should be educated for such issues. Each and every breeder should know how to raise and train a dog properly.

It may be hard to find and search for a professional breeder but it is worth the wait and trying.

All the good breeders are also good trainers as well. They know about the dog behaviors and how they should be raised. Some people and breeders are wrong when they think that the breeders do not have to know the dog training as well.

The question to be asked is; what will happen to the dog if the breeder does not know the dog training properly in order to get the dog adopted as soon possible? Answer is simple, dog will not be adopted and it will be such shame.


*Where should I adopt dogs from?

If you want to buy a dog that lives in a box in a pet shop then it will be a problem for you. The experts say that, the dogs which live in boxer and narrow places for a long time, it can affect their behaviors and nervous system as well in a bad way. If they stay in those boxes for a long time, then the effect will be worse

Those dogs which do not get the proper toilet training while raised, may cause problems later for the owner of the dog and the house they live in.

If dogs stay in those pet shop boxes for a long time, they start to think that the place is also their toilet area so that they learn to live like that. When they are adopted and brought to a house of the owner, they do not behave properly and cause problems for the owner. In such issues, it is very hard for the dogs to go outside and do what they should do.

These reasons show that you should choose the place carefully to buy or adopt a dog. You should not buy or adopt dogs from such places that do not care about the dogs and how they should be raised or trained properly.


*Is it possible for me to choose my own dog myself?

It may be possible but no one can properly choose a dog without getting professional help about the issue.

While Hause of Istanbul can be your advisor about choosing the best puppy or dog for yourself, it can also deliver the well-trained and well-raised dogs to you.




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