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Actor Dog


With the training on dogs, you can implement your dog to be an actor. However, as your dog needs to get an actor training, it should primarily pass the basic and advanced  obedience training processes smoothly. Then, the dog is supposed to  begin actor training if the result of the implemented character test is convenient .The preferred and the most convenient dog kinds are , Border Collie being in the first place, Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever. Except Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever they belong to the races of Shepherd Dogand and White Terrier and you should give heed to your dog constantly.



Specialist actor trainers primarily dealing with the necessary patterns of behaviour of movie sets , teach dogs not to harm camera, cable and accessories in the set. Issueless scenes are also  provided by accompanying dog for the test shots. Later on, we supply success at a maximum level to be obtained carrying out the necessary advanced training process. As movie sets include a lot of objects in itself distracting dogs, except the dog participating in the set, its manager should have  high experience. Our company that is conscious of the fact that time is precious in series shots for the producer and the director, shows its strong standing supplying  the figuration that can perform stunt , besides recruitment and management.

For the director to save time and for performing  faultless works , our professional actor trainer with the set crew understanding immediately what the dog wants and  providing the appropriate environment to be coordinated ,  supply a performance at a maximum level to be obtained in a short time.

You can procure actor dog via our company or provide the figuration focused on the  dog secenes or carry out perfect shots in a short period.




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