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Dog Pensions


Our reliable  dog hostel suppying all kind of needs of your dog in the times of your urgency for being far away from your dog, enables its guests to comfort by considering all details  and dealing with the features each of them have.For making our dog guests comfortable, 10 square meter- maiden rooms in our facilities located in a 2.000 square meter  area, have been constructed for our dog guests. EPOXI floor and constant disinfection operations are carried out as we are much more sensitive about sanitary than you are. The spacious rooms we offer to our guests are prepared having the facilities of sunlight and shade, and 3.5 square meter closed rooms are designed with appropriate features  for remaning over night.


Except the  25 square meter area constructed for the dogs to have the fresh air they need in open areas freely,  for them to have enjoyable time ,our company offers the service of outer space supplying the facilities of playing game and ventilation. After the ventilation, a different surprise, reward dog food  is supplied for our guests. The sevice is offered giving particular importance to trust and to sincerity and establishing a strong relationship in the consequence of the fact that our staff acts taking it over not as a job but as a life philosophy. Your dog is retrieved from each location and delivered to you again safely any moment you wish thanks to the special service we offer.Our trainers having higher-up certificates about dog training , are not only the international  reward holders in the field of dog training but also in the field of educating trainers. Our reliable  dog hostel opening its doors to any kind of dogs  wiithout discriminating the strains  or  the races of them, take care of the diet to prevent the disorder being sensitive about nourishment

If you ever have to stay away from your dog , you can receive aid from our company offering reliable working principles and provide your dog to experience  peaceful time in our dog hostel.





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