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Protection training which is one of the trainings wanted for dogs to get, includes a pretty serious training period. One of the errors dog owners fall into is that they think they can protect their dogs and they are not conscious of the fact that defense and attack is primarily mental and physical.Except German Shepherd and Rotweiler , this expectation rate of Doberman and other big race dogs is higher. Our company carries out the essential defense , attack and protection trainings by devoted efforts in company with specialist trainers.

The guarding dogs are needed to be away from fear and their nervous system is to be strong when they are in puppy phase. Thus, the ones who want to own a dog in this way, must be careful while they prefer primarily the dogs having a curious and bold instinct, they should also consider if the dog has a stubborn instinct at the point of chasing after the hunt. Our company acting with the necessity of the fact that adult dogs ought to get protection trainings with their owners, for providing a trouble-free training process , lends assistance after you get an appointment to learn  if your dog can get this training. In order to get training, your dog needs to have a developed sense and odor susceptibility except the instincts of hunting and defense.  Except the fact that reaching prospering results for dogs is made impossible as long as the training is not given by a specialist, it can cause dangerous situations giving the dog a ground to prove its leadership.

The goal of  the training given, is to regulate the instincts,  prompting the substantial and high hunting and defense instincts of the dog.The only command issued or a command from its owner,  can enable the attack to change its form and the dog to stop attacking . As the training span of your dog changes  according to the features and to the quality of the training, our company provides you to obtain the results of a qualified training securely in a quality span of time.


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