About Us
We aim to  be a  dog production and training  centre in the world standarts , 
being established with the aim  of being pioneer and leader institution of our 
country about the matter of  Dog Recruitment, Dog Hostel and Hause of Istanbul 
Dog Training. Hause of Istanbul trusts in the forensic , operational and intimidating
preventive  functions  of the dogs it has trained and believes that those have 
real advantages compared to the alternative methods.
Hause of Istanbul being a member of international KIF organizations , 
has adopted the training and  certification  standarts of the aforesaid organizations .
Our vision is to work with qualified teammates, to be open to the new 
techniques and ideas, always , to aim reaching the better and to believe 
the miracle of positive thinking and constant development…
Our mission, is to introduce “The Positive Training ” and naturally 
“ Positive Thinking ” primarily to the dog owners and later on, 
to the whole society , to infuse,  to bring everyone who wants to 
learn this way of thinking together and to embrace them, to provide 
forming a conscious “pet-culture” in time...
The organizations of which  we are the members



Hause Of Istanbul Team


Hause Of Istanbul
Adres: Büyük Bakkalköy Mahallesi Kaçkar Sokak No;18 Maltepe / istanbul

7/24 Bilgi Hattı:
Mobil:    +9 0530 777 70 70