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sked questions about dogs is spearheading at the point of being a conscious The biggest of the questions that we face is in the point how and where a puppy can be bought. You can easily supply a puppy from the streets or shelters if racial preferences are not important to you. As a firm, we emphasize that you should be conscious of the fact that the only way preventing the probable problems and restrictions in the subject of dog preference is making the choice in company with a specialist. Except the fact that the dog you are going to prefer is supposed to be pedigreed, it is supposed to be taken from a breeder that is a member of FCI increasing the possibility for obtaining a decent puppy, and you must pay attention to whether it is in accordance with with conditions.


There is a fact supposed to be known and it is that the good breeders are the good trainers at the same time. As the behaviours and the education of a dog are pioneer to its form, fort he subject of buying a puppy ,an extensive research is supposed to be done.Another question that our firm faces is  where to buy a dog. We remind you that the dogs living in narrow spaces may have permanent,  nervous system disorder and behavioural problems, considering the conditions it can be enabled  to the dog, and because a housedog needs trainings  such as housebreak, we recommend you not to get a dog from the stores making sales in small boxes or in showcases.In this case, it is the best decision to get a dog from the points tending dogs.Why do the dog owners deciding to the training in the dog trainings, implement the positive dog training? What is supposed to be known is that it is the fact providing you to contribute to the training as a pet owner, by forming the basis of  mutual trust and accurate contact power thanks to this training. The goal pursued here is holding the quality of a conscious training high, by adopting the right approach with the attendance of the owners in sessions during their education. Also, the positive dog training gives positive consequences not being unreturned at the point of rewarding and it features resulting positively in all kind of dog races. One of the pluses the positive training provides, is the simplicity of supplying the needs by  doing the daily activities with the physical exercises implemented. At this point what should be known is the fact that the training period takes 3 or 5 weeks depending on the strain and its perception except  its age.

Our firm in company with specialist trainers provides your dog and you to be conscious by offering fine resolutions with reliable answers for both any questions and any problems about dogs.


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